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Not every community is for every person. It's important that residents of the eco village share the same values and vision for the community. 


This process has been put in place for people to test if the eco village values and vision align with their own, and for the eco villagers to see if those who apply are a good fit for the eco village. 


These are key elements that people need to enjoy life in an eco village.

No problem is too big when people support each other to find solutions. 

Four Step  Membership Process


The harmony of the community is absolutely paramount for its success and that is why there is an eco village membership process. The community cannot afford to have large egos vying for power, or those who like making conflict for sport. This process is adapted from tried and tested models that have been used by other eco-villages around the world. The commonly held practice is that a long membership process allows the transition from individualist, consumerist life to community life. This two year membership process is an important tool to ensure that new villagers are a good match with the existing members. Some people, even though drawn to community, are simply not suited to it. Time is the only true test for this. Family members are not automatically included on the merits of an existing villager.

Those who suffer from a mental illness will not be discriminated against. Finding self-aware people who are committed to personal growth is the main point of the membership process.


Step 1

Village Work Parties

Step 2

Friends of the Village

Step 3

Provisional Member

Step 4

Full Member


Step One - Village Work Parties

There is a standing invitation for people to join monthly work parties. Work parties involve a shared lunch, a short talk and the opportunity for a tour and Q&A from villagers. Those with physical limitations can do tasks that are appropriate to their ability.

Participants would be encouraged to:

  • read the Eco Villages Australia documents,

  • read other material relating to communities,

  • connect and interact with the existing villagers and

  • visit other intentional communities.

People are welcome to become a ‘Friend of the Village’ at any time (step two)

Step Two - Friends of the Village

Those wanting to explore the community further are welcome to become a Friend of the Village.  

Friends of the Village:​

  • attend regular work parties if local to the area,

  • be invited to attend Friends of the Village meals.


  • If you are not local to the eco village, there will be other ways to demonstrate your interest and commitment from afar rather than attending regular work parties. 

Step Three - Provisional Membership (Resident)

A Friend of the Village could then apply to be a 'provisional member’. They will need to have:

  • been a Friend of the Village for at least six months,

  • attended a number of work parties and

  • attended a number of Friends of the Village meals.

Provisional members:

  • would usually be a full-time resident of the village,

  • will have an influence on the culture of the village and take part in the consensus process of the day-to-day running of the village,

  • are eligible to attend the AGM as a non-voting member (full members are voting members).


Applications are made in four parts:

1) Online residency 'expression of interest'

2) A free-form written letter (approx 1 page in length) 

3) Interview

4) Application form which includes nomination of personal referees


All successful applicants will participate in a 'Community Living Course' which provides training in conflict, communication, group skills, etc

Acceptance as a provisional member will be made based on:

  1. application,

  2. connection to the village,

  3. space availability,

  4. community balance (age, gender, skills, etc.) and

  5. unanimous agreement of existing residents.

For these reasons, a rejection or ‘hold’ on applications should not be seen as a rejection of the individual.


Step Four - Full Financial Membership (Resident)

After eighteen months of provisional membership, a review will occur to become a full financial member.

Full members would:​

  • become full voting members contributing to the long-term planning for the village.

  • be eligible for election to the board.

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