Starting a Village

So you want to start your own intentional community?

You haven't chosen an easy path, but it's a important and fulfilling one. Your community might be a rural community or a block of flats in the CBD of a capital city.  We will be adding to the storyboard below to step you through the difficult journey of starting an eco-community.

What Eco Villages Australia can do for founders.

  • We can help you clarify your vision

    • Use our ​Community Agreements pro-forma below (pink button) to get clearer on your vision.

  • We can help you find like-minded people

    • When you have a clear vision, we have people on our mailing list from all over Australia that we can tell about your new community.

  • We have the legal and financial model ready for you to use

    • We have spent hours in front of lawyers, tax accountants and consultants. If you like our model, let's build a network together of eco-communities around Australia.

  • Don't re-invent the wheel. Get support.

    •  It's important to have mentors as you try something that not everyone understands. We are happy to share our learnings to help this movement grow.

"Design always wins"  Andrew McLean